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Gabe Gilch

The Montclair Music Studio is proud to introduce

brass and piano instructor
Gabe Gilch.

Residing in Lyndhurst, NJ, Gabe Gilch is a graduate of New Jersey City University with a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in Jazz Performance.   He has extensive experience as a performer in multiple settings in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area.

Gabe joined the staff of the Montclair Music Studio in 2022.

Getting to Know Gabe…

What Brought on Your Interest in Music?

Growing up, my parents were always playing in the house. My grandmother knew every word that Sinatra ever sang and my brother played the piano beautifully.

When did you start your studies?

I started piano lessons when I was 6 years old. In 5th grade my mom let me pick from a list of instruments they had available at school and, while staying true to my namesake, I picked the trumpet!

Was your family involved in music?

My grandmother played a little bit of piano. On new year’s day my uncle would gather everyone around the piano and we’d all take turns playing and singing. He was the one who turned me onto Louis Armstrong and would always bring over new CDs of different trumpet players whenever I would see him on the holidays. My brother plays the piano and growing up he would pop, rock, classical, jazz and any other genre of music.

Have You Participated in any extra curricular organizations or music clubs?

During high school I was a member of the Jazz for Teens program at NJPAC in Newark. I also participated in the All-Shore, Region, and Al-State Jazz bands throughout high school and attended summer music camps in Philadelphia and New Brunswick. Since graduating college in 2017, I’ve played at various clubs, cafes, wedding venues and concert halls throughout New York City and New Jersey.

What other instruments are in your repertoire?

As a Bb trumpet player I also play the piccolo trumpet, C trumpet and Flugelhorn in addition to the piano.

Have You Played at Other Venues?

Some of the most notable venues I’ve played at are “Trumpets” jazz club in Montclair, “The Bitter End” and “Dizzy’s Club” in NYC. But one of my favorites has to be “The Kennedy Center” in Washington DC.

Any favorite hobbies other than music?

I love watching and playing basketball and baseball and have been a Knicks and Yankees fan my whole life. I’m also a very mediocre snowboarder.

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