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Katy Faracy

The Montclair Music Studio is proud to introduce Katy Faracy.

Ms. Faracy began teaching with us in 2022. She is a saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano instructor.

Getting to Know Katy…

What brought on your interest in music?

I grew up listening to music from my dad’s wide range of albums. Everything from opera to classic rock. My mom’s side of the family always sang and played instruments when we got together.

When did you start your studies?

I began general music instruction when I was two years old. Around six years of age I started piano lessons. Then, in elementary school is when I started my woodwind studies.

Was your family involved in music?

My father had a wide variety of musical taste and exposed me to a great range of musical styles by a very early age. My mother and her side of the family would always gather in song at family events. My maternal grandmother was the first one to play for me as a child and I think that exposure started my love of instrumental music.

Have You Participated in Any Extra Curricular Organizations or music clubs?

As a freelance performing musician, I have performed with local theater companies in the greater NYC area, I was a touring musician with the North American Broadway tour of Chicago the Musical, and I have performed at various venues, throughout NYC.

What are other types of instruments in your repertoire?

As a woodwind specialist I perform and teach saxophones, clarinets, and flutes. I also teach beginning piano.

Have you played at other venues?

Some of my favorite performances I have played are at 54 Below and at the Capitol Theater in Yakima Washington while I was on tour.

Any favorite hobbies other than music?

Outside of music I am fascinated by Irish history, literature, and lore. I have even started learning to speak Irish Gaelic. Being a musician Irish music is something I listen to regularly. Visiting Ireland with my family is one of my favorite memories and I can’t wait to visit again!

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