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Paulina Edel

The Montclair Music Studio is proud to introduce violin instructor,
Paulina Edel.

Ms. Edel, who resides in Clifton, NJ is currently in the process of acquiring her degree in music education at Montclair State University. Paulina has counselled at the Hunterdon Academy of Arts and was a teaching assistant at The Loverno Music Center.  She has also taught viola and vocal.

Ms. Edel believes each student deserves their own specialized plan to fit with how they learn best as beginning musicians.   Her instruction includes such important aspects as etude work for technical skills as well as solo work, scales and popular music to help maintain the student’s interest.

Getting to Know Paulina…

What Brought on Your Interest in Music?

I have always loved music. From singing Beatles song on long car rides to playing whole symphonies at summer camp, music has always held my interest for as long as I can remember!

When did you start your studies?

I started playing viola when I was in third grade (8 years old).

Was Your Family Involved in Music?

While my parents share my love for music, neither of them ever got the chance to play an instrument or sing. My great aunt was an opera singer and my grandfather played the trumpet and accordion.

Have You Participated in Any Extra Curricular Organizations or Music Clubs?

In high school I was secretary of our Tri-M honor society. At Montclair State I am a proud member of the MSU orchestra and baroque ensemble.

Have You Played at Other Venues?

I’ve played at NJPAC, UCPAC, SOPAC, and Carnegie Hall.

What Other Types of Instruments are in Your Repertoire?

As a music education major, I get to learn most instruments at an elementary level. Besides that, I play the ukulele, guitar, mandolin and piano.

What are Your Favorite Hobbies Other than Music?

I love to paint and rock climb.

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