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Vocal & Piano Instructor
Amanda Tedesco-Holley
Faculty Member Since 2006
Amanda is accepting students on Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays

Ms. Holley has one true love and that is music.  Amanda  relied on the strength of music from a very young age, to develop her passion and overcome personal challenges.  From the early age of 2, music consumed Amanda's life while she practiced violin, piano, and trained her vocals.  Music has always been in Amanda's blood, passed onto her from her concert cellist mom, Cheryl, a Manhattan School Of Music alumni.  Amanda sang even before she could speak.  Her voice could sometimes be heard from the rooftops of Newark, where she would dwell for some months of her infancy with her musical mother & her guitar-strumming, “estranged” songwriting- ather Gregory Holley (who composed for Sarah Vaughn and others).

Getting to Know Amanda...
 From the age of 2, the multi-ethnic (African American, Cherokee Indian, Italian, & Egyptian) Amanda Holley practically lived in the orchestra pit while her mother would play some of the greatest musicals and symphonies ever written on her cello, along with aunt Pat Holley, a writer for Stephanie Mills and herself a Juilliard trained composer, vocalist, and arrangerAmanda is also a published poet (Columbia Press at age 16), and is currently working with esteemed major label executives on her upcoming release. 
Inspired by other female artists such as Whitney, Mariah, Aretha, Ella, and Billie, Ms. Holley is determined to join these healing and inspiring vocalists. When she was 8 years old performing at local events in her native NJ, Amanda astonished audiences with her soul, maturity, and connection to the sophisticated lyrics.  Amanda has even performed with the world renowned Les Paul at the jazz hot spot Iridium as a teenager. Her former manager the late, great Phil Ramone encouraged her to carry her Pop/R&B/Soul style into today's pop generation.  
Amanda has recently been featured on the 2013 Independent Music Awards site and was also accepted onto the 2014 Grammy ballot in the traditional R&B category. 
Amanda's recent collaborations have been with Grammy and Oscar-winning songwriters and producers including Rob Fusari, Nikki Gregoroff,  Andy Marvel, Red One, Dee Stupart, Michael Narado Walden, Andre Fennell, Pam Sheyne, Gabriel Blu, Joseph Joubert, Dimitri Erlich, JayDaniels, Alex Garingas, Will Villalona, Dennis Doc Williams, Legz Dymond, Charles Wallert, Shaggy, C'Ray (Stargate), Phil Ramone, along with many others. 

Ms. Holley has introduced herself to audiences with her innovative style, haunting lyrics from the soul, and sharing her life in songs at  legendary NYC venues such as Joe’s Pub, Rockwood Music Hall, and most recently, The Cutting Room. She has also performed for major festivals and appeared on local TV networks and has been featured and supported by the major local radio stations 92.3NOW and Fresh 102.7 FM in NYC among other publications and media outlets.  
Amanda's lyrical talents stem from her outstanding poetic voice which earned her multiple awards, scholarships, and publications with Columbia Press at the ages of 16-18. Ms. Holley is also an accomplished actor and a member of the Actors' Equity Association.  Throughout High School, Amanda appeared in over seven leading and supporting roles in Off-Broadway musicals and studied extensively with Juilliard, Tony, and Emmy award-winning singers, teachers, actors, and musicians including Michael Imperioli, Sharon Angela, Nick Sandow, Vince Curatola at Studio Dante along with Chris Scott, Petronia Paley, Tina Lane, Bob McHugh, LaVerne Reede, and Monica Johnson among many others. 
As a teacher, the young Miss Holley started at age 13, teaching neighborhood kids the violin, vocals, and piano, charging a humble fee in order to pay for studio time to record her "hit songs". Amanda has worked with students from all walks of life- from children on Broadway, special needs, adult beginners, choral directors, multi Grammy-winning recording artists on Sony as well as artists from Universal Records and its subsidiaries.  Amanda combines traditional vocal technique from her studies as a child with renowned Juilliard vocalists and professors, along with contemporary approaches such as Alexander technique and phonetics, and vocal anatomy learned in her time at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Conservatory in NYC, SLS (Speech Level Singing), and the physics and science of sound and energy.  In addition to recording technique,  Ms. Holley works with each individual building up the vocal mechanism along with their repertoire and artistry, based on the pupil's unique physiology.  Amanda trains the voice to support and allow what it has been made to be -  limitless with full density, freedom, unique and as distinct in tone as a fingerprint.  She knows that with a strong foundation, serious muscle training, music theory, and self-awareness, there is nothing that can't be achieved.  Amanda provides performance opportunities at NYC Off-Broadway venues for hard-working students at Symphony Space and The Cutting Room, along with recording workshops and intensives at renowned studios such as the legendary Chung King, Platinum, and Premier Studios in Manhattan.  Many of Ms. Holley's students have made it into prestigious conservatories and colleges such as the Berklee College Of Music, William Paterson University pop and jazz programs, and the Clive Davis Institute at NYU. 
She is also the founder of the Amanda Holley Children's Foundation - an umbrella organization involved in community outreach programs in NYC (The Future Society), and NJ (Special Needs Performing Arts Alliance) Ms. Holley intends to use her influence as a recording artist to work for children in need here and abroad. 
Amanda is preparing for the launch of The Amanda Holley Project  in conjunction with industry moguls and innovators to catapult her to the global stage, so she can do what she was born to do, sing!

"Through strength, hope, and love I want to inspire others with my music!" - Amanda Holley