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Piano Instructor
Amanda Zook
Faculty Member Since 2012
Amanda is accepting students Tuesdays & Thursdays

Born and raised in New Jersey, Amanda is a very experienced piano instructor, and has been with Montclair Music Studio since 2012.

Amanda's strengths as a teacher lie in patience and the ability to build confidence in her students. Ms. Zook offers many different solutions to her students for approaching technical issues.

Ms. Zook's preferred method books include Faber, Alfred, as well as Dozen a Day for exercises and technique.
For adults, Amanda uses the Faber Accelerated Method series.

Getting to Know Amanda...

What brought on your interest in music?  
My interest in music showed when my older sister began taking piano lessons. I was so enamored by the instrument, I begged my parents to let me begin lessons. They made me wait for about a year before I started my first piano lessons with a local church pianist.

Did you play as a child? If so, what instruments did you play?
I began piano lessons at age 9 and began playing guitar at age 12.

Was your family involved in music?
No, though as a teenager I discovered that my maternal great-grandfather was a very capable amateur pianist and composer. When visiting the country where he lived, I was given a large portion of his music collection as a gift. It consists of standard classical music from Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, and other popular composers as well as popular sheet music from the time period.

Have you participated in any extra curricular organizations or music clubs?
I wasn’t in my school’s band until my senior year in high school. At that point I began accompanying the school choir and playing keyboard in the school band, normally doubling instrumental parts. I played in a cover band throughout high school performing at churches, non-profit events, and coffee houses. We wrote a few original songs and had the opportunity to record one of them professionally and release it as a single.

What other types of instruments are in your repertoire?
My primary instrument is piano though I own a guitar, melodica, and a tambourine (my personal favorite).

Have you played at other venues?
I am currently a staff piano accompanist at The School of Performing Arts at Kaplan JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, and also at Studio 31 in Bayonne. I perform several times a year as a co-founder of The Harlow Trio in recitals, casual concerts, and for special events. In addition, I freelance as a pianist working in musical theater, opera, sacred music, and vocal/instrumental accompaniment.

Any favorite hobbies other than music?
I also enjoy reading, painting, traveling, and learning about nature.