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David Do
Montclair State University
MMS Instructor Since 2016


Getting to Know David...

What brought on your interest in music?  

I started really becoming interested in music a few years after I started learning the violin, when I joined an orchestra. There is something about sharing and learning music with others that I very much enjoy.

Did you play as a child? If so, what instruments did you play?

I started playing the violin when I was 6 years old, and I briefly studied piano for a year. I also very occasionally dabble in guitar from time to time.

Was your family involved in music?

My father also used to be a professional violinist, and graduated with his masters from Peabody Conservatory.

Have you participated in any extra-curricular organizations or music clubs?

These days I perform with my string quartet, The Julius Quartet, where we recently made our debut at Carnegie Hall's Weill Hall. We are currently in residence at Montclair State University.

What other types of instruments are in your repertoire?

I can play the piano as well as very basic guitar.

Have you played at other venues?

I have played in various venues in the U.S, some of which include Weill Hall, Rockport Music Center, as well as internationally such as Muse Hall in Chichibu, Japan, and Rolston Hall in Banff, Canada.

Any favorite hobbies other than music?

I enjoy hiking as well as playing tennis in my free time.