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Hope Miladinovich
Voice & Piano

Born in Paterson, NJ, Hope is currently in her third year of music education study at Montclair State University.

Ms. Miladinovich believes that a student's level of enthusiasm is very much a reflection of the teacher's. She brings a high level of energy and productivity to each lesson which will allow for critique and affirmation without causing discouragement.
We are proud to have her with us.

Getting to Know Hope...

What brought on your interest in music?  
My interest in music was inspired by my father, who played and wrote music as a hobby when I was a child. My childhood memories are filled with musical moments – listening to my Dad playing guitar to my siblings and I, accompanying him to open mics, or sporadically bursting into family song.

Did you play as a child?

I played violin at a young age and switched to piano at age 9, which I immediately latched onto and excelled at rapidly. Since then, I have taken up organ playing in church. I also play trumpet, guitar, and clarinet.

Was your family involved in music?

All of my family members have varying musical talents. Its not unusual to hear the sounds of my sister’s clarinet competing with those of my brother composing electronic music from another room.

Have you participated in any extra curricular organizations or music clubs?

In high school, I participated in county, regional, and all-state women’s honors choirs. I currently study music education at Montclair State University and am a part of my NAFME collegiate chapter (National Association for Music Educators). I also serve as a student leader in a Christian fellowship club on my campus.

Have you played at other venues?

As an accompanist and organist, I have performed at a number of churches and schools in my area. I also sing in the Montclair State University Chorale and one of their select choirs, University Singers, with whom I have had the privilege of performing several choral collaborations with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra in venues such as the NJPAC, New Jersey State Theater, and Richardson Auditorium in Princeton. I also help to lead sectional rehearsals for each of these choirs as a student accompanist.

Any favorite hobbies other than music?

In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, helping with my church’s youth group, and playing strategy board games with my family.