Matthew DeMarco
MMS Voice Instructor Since 2016


Getting to Know Matthew...

What brought on your interest in music?  

I started my musical journey as a dancer in high school. After participating in several competitions, I realized that I loved performing. I joined chorus and then began auditioning for musicals in school and community theaters.

When did you start your studies?

Towards the end of senior year, I was still struggling with singing, so I sought out private voice lessons. I then attended Montclair State for music from 2009-2013.

Was your family involved in music?

My parents always sang with the radio, my mom had a guitar when she was younger but never played while I grew up. Although she still has the guitar and it gets much more use. I was the first to pursue music in a professional setting, but soon after my younger brother and sister began singing and my brother started writing music.

Have you participated in any extra-curricular organizations or music clubs?

In addition to community theater and select choirs, I am a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the largest music fraternity in the country.

What other types of instruments are in your repertoire?

I started playing guitar when I was 12. Although I stopped when I became interested in theater. When I started singing, I wanted to learn to accompany myself, so I began piano. I also dabble in the accordian and ukulele.

Have you played at other venues?

I've performed several times at NJPAC with the NJ symphony orchestra. I've also done work with Opera at Florham Park. I ventured into conducting with Exit 82 theater company in Toms River. And most recently, I was performing for 7 months on a cruise ship that sailed throughout Europe.

Any favorite hobbies other than music?

I love playing any sport, especially baseball and golf. I like fitness, going to the gym, yoga. And at night, board games with whoever is brave enough to play.